"My Core Gift Discovery Process was not just cool, it was life changing, it cleared up so many questions. As an Abundance and Mindset Coach I do a lot of processing and working out my own stuff.  Sometimes though you need an outside perspective. I could not have picked a more compassionate and heart centered coach to take me on this journey.  I had been struggling for weeks about what direction I wanted to go with some business decisions. I knew that there were some things that light me up, but I wasn't convinced it was the right choice. The way Cindy made sure that my answers were truly root level and not just surface ideas, made all the difference when the results came out.  But she made even that very enjoyable and easy. Cindy truly has a gift to reveal what you don't know is there. When we got to the end of the discovery not only were my business questions (that by the way I had not mentioned the details of to Cindy at that point) answered loud and clear, but I saw why I was driven to do what I did at the most fundamental level of my being. The why behind what I did brought me so much strength and confidence that I was exactly where I was supposed to be.  Since then my coaching abilities have increased dramatically because I am so rock solid in my why I do what I do. I can't thank Cindy, or recommend her for this process, enough. Amazing, eye -opening, amazing!"

Lori Dodson
Abundance and Mindset Coach

"Cindy is the person at support gatherings who always reaches out to attendees- especially those who may be new and asks them to share their story and ensures they feel a sense of belonging.  Whether speaking to a group of peers, offenders, legislators, high school students or the general public, she ensures that everyone walks away with a sense of hope- which is what leads to positive change."


Miren Aburusa
Victim Advocate

"Cindy Penner is a professional in administering your Core Gift Discovery Process. She is patient, loving and caring with you every step of the way, she takes the time to get to know the real you and helps you bring out the best in yourself. I was pleasantly surprised by my result and the value is phenomenal to find the reason I was put on this earth. If you are looking for some answers about why you are here my advise would be to take this simple Core Gift Discovery Process and find out!!"

Jennifer Schmidt
Integrity Insurance

"My experience with Cindy as a life coach has been wonderful. She is amazingly supportive, gentle, and compassionate. When we first met, my life was in turmoil and I had no clue what was holding me back. I knew I needed to take action, but felt too overwhelmed to figure out where to start. She helps me focus on what is important to me, see new ways to view what stands in my way and what next steps I need to take to accomplish my goals. Her vision and authentic heart for what she does is invaluable and anyone having her on their team is a very lucky person."

Nampa, ID

"I would recommend Cindy Penner Coaching for your personal, business, and financial issues. During my time with her, she has kept me on track with my goals, both personal and professional. Whenever I talk about my financial goals and the fears surrounding that, she is there to assure me that I am on the right track and will give me tips to help keep me there.

Cindy is patient, kind, and firm with her guidance. We have worked together to build a path for my goals and she is incredibly focused, which has helped me to stay focused.

She is always on time and willing to schedule appointments at my convenience.

If you need help with direction for your personal, business, or financial goals, Cindy Penner Coaching is the best. Please take the chance to meet with her. You won't be sorry you did."

Jan W.
Meridian, ID

"I am writing this recommendation to the individual that is feeling stuck, or is going through some significant changes and would like some momentum or clarity in an area of life, either personal or professional.

Cindy has been an excellent coach, helping me to transition in many areas of my life, including divorce, career change and relocation. Her coaching has helped me to focus on downsizing from a HUGE house in Houston to a small house in Phoenix. She has assisted in providing clarity in decisions that were necessary from the beginning of the process and reminding me of the reasons for my choices when I was questioning at the end of the process.

I can honestly say, the coaching Cindy provided was invaluable and reduced the time and stress I would have otherwise spent agonizing over options."

Laura Dornbusch
AHA Strategic Partners, LLC
Accelerating Human Achievement
Phoenix, AZ

"Cindy Penner is a phenomenal public speaker who shares her heart-wrenching story balanced with compassion, truth and hope. Her engaging presentation style draws you in, moves your soul and reflects the best each of us have to offer. She has touched thousands of lives throughout the years, inspiring people from all walks of life, and I'm grateful to count myself among them.

Professional and dedicated in helping others succeed, Cindy's warm personality shines through her tough demeanor with humor and grace. She simply sees others through an unconditional lens and her unwavering dedication teaches us to reach our true potential as we realize the possibilities life has to offer."

Thérése Woozley
Project Director
Drug Free Idaho

"Cindy Penner is a passionate speaker who truly loves to speak truth into people's lives!  She has had many life experiences that give her wisdom, powerful stories, and great perspective to help people from many walks of life. Her desire is to meet people where they are, and encourage them to continue to grow.  Her story of incredible challenge and ultimate victory will leave audiences motivated, inspired and blessed!"

Sheli G
International Speaker, Business Consultant and Life Success Coach