Core Gift Discovery© Process - $375.00

This process is designed to draw out your unique YOU. Unlike other popular strength-finding assessment tools, the Core Gift process doesn’t ask you to choose from pre-determined “This is you” categories as a result of your answers. The result you come up with is designed by you, unique to you, and verified by you, resulting in your own individualized Core Gift Statement.

My Core Gift in Action - $250.00

  • Identify the Four Gift Motivators that will increase your gift-giving confidence

  • Identify current/future life areas where you can use your Core Gift

  • Development of a specific integration plan for those areas

  • Identification of possible barriers/strategies

  • Discussion of the Six Essential Reflection Questions to Ask Myself About My Core Gift

Special Package Price: Purchase Both Sessions - $525.00

Clifton StrengthsFinder

Don Clifton’s strengths-based approach to management and leadership powers the greatest teams in the world’s most successful organizations every day. They know that the Clifton Strengths assessment is essential for empowering people to set and achieve their goals and accomplish great things.